This Rubystone Red Porsche Carrera GT Is A Keeper

YouTube supercar personality Salomondrin has decided to keep his Carrera GT, and all it took was a tunnel.

byBradley Brownell|
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Rubystone is a pink/purple amalgam color that came into fashion during the 964 era, and has recently experienced a resurgence among new Porsche buyers as a choice for their Paint To Sample selection. In this case the Carrera GT is actually wrapped in the famed color, but the first time I saw this amazing car in such a gorgeous and vibrant color, I actually said, "Well I'll be damned..." out loud. Even the most pure of Porsche purists will get a kick out of this car. Porsche made the Carrera GT pretty great from the outset, but giving it a bright, attention-grabbing color just kicks it up another notch. 

Salomondrin was actually considering selling this Carrera GT, but after the market dipped a bit he decided to keep it and get it looking the way he wanted it to. The original color, GT Silver Metallic, won't do in Los Angeles, you've got to stand out from the crowd. After getting it back from the wrap job, he took a friend out for a run to the canyons to try to get some video for an introductory video. 

Luckily there was a lot of traffic and some construction on the road he chose, so he turned around and this largely unedited bit is all we get to see for now. We say 'luckily', because this CGT is still wearing its original tires from 2005. Getting a new set of sticky Michelins on those rims is going to really make the car fun to drive, and will ease some of the worry of snap oversteer. We've driven a handful of cars on Michelin's Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, and have been convinced ever since that they would absolutely transform the Carrera GT driving experience. We'll have to wait until this Carrera GT gets some proper tires for a full review video, but we already love it. 

"One thing I notice about this, there are no, like, sport buttons or anything like that. You're just always in sport mode."

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