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Is the 991.2 Targa GTS the Greatest 911 Porsche Has Ever Built?

GTS = Good, Targa = Good, GTS Targa = Great?

Porsche has worked hard to make a 911 for basically anyone who could conceivably want one. There are dozens of different variants on the 911 theme, each providing a similar yet different driving experience. If you want an old-school Porsche experience, you’ll opt for the base model Carrera with a stick and practically zero options. If you want a near-luxury level driving experience that is faster than almost anything on the planet, you opt for the PDK-equipped 911 Turbo S. If you want a track machine, you get the GT3 or RS. There’s probably a flow chart at your local dealership that will help you determine which one you should buy to fit your needs. 

The car featured in this trio of videos, however, a brand new 911 Targa 4 GTS might be the “Goldilocks” solution that fills the desires of the majority of Porsche buyers. The GTS is more or less an appearance package for a Carrera S that’s been kitted out with all of the best options. The Targa allows you to have an open-top car when you want it, but the security and quiet ride of a coupe when you desire that. With standard PASM, the suspension is compliant and comfortable when you need it, but can really come alive when you want it. The blacked out trim is subtle, but the wide fenders, standard sports exhaust, and gorgeous profile stand out in a crowd. The 30 additional horsepower are enough to sate even the most power hungry buyers, but not so much that you’re afraid of what the car can do. It walks the fine line between all-out sports car and premium grand tourer. 

This is the 911 for someone who wants to go to the track on one weekend, but also go for a thousand-mile road trip the next. It’s the one that makes the most sense. It’s the most logical of illogical cars. It is unfathomably good. 

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