New 911 GT3 Nearly As Fast On Track As A 918 Spyder

Evo Mag tested 991 GT3 at Anglesey Circuit, and set a mega quick time.

byBradley Brownell|
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From the moment Porsche announced the 991.2 GT3, everyone knew it would be quicker at the track, but nobody expected it to be quite this quick. In recent days, YouTube channels have been dropping 991.2 GT3 review videos left and right. We were excited to see Evo's newest video was not only a review, but also timed testing with an actual skilled driver and actual independent data acquisition software. 

Porsche launched the new car at Anglesey Circuit, which is convenient for the UK auto journalists, who got first crack at it. Evo has tested a lot of automobiles at this track, including some incredibly quick ones. They recently ran a 991 GT3 RS and a 991 Turbo S at the circuit and both logged the same exact time, down to the tenth of a second. Their fastest timed lap there was with a Radical, which is basically an out-and-out racing car (1:10.5). Nobody expected the new GT3 to come close to that time, but it's closer than you might have guessed. They have stated that the new 991 GT3 is officially the fastest lap in a 911 that they've ever run at the circuit, a full two tenths of a second faster than the widebody wild wing GT3 RS and the four-wheel-drive twin-turbo power monster 911 Turbo S. In fact, just one second separates the GT3 from the time at the same circuit set in a hybrid hypercar 918 Spyder. Of course there are variables to consider, but no matter how you slice it, that is impressive. 

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Those are some seriously quick numbers for any car, but for the new GT3 to be substantially quicker than even the RS that came before it is a huge step forward for this machine. How can Porsche possibly top the efforts of this car. Whatever they are working on, and whatever they are perhaps about to launch any day now, one thing is for certain, it's going to be among the fastest cars ever build. 

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