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Would You Want to Drive a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup on the Street?

295 section width front and 325 section width rear Pirelli Trofeo R tires make the difference.

We’ve shown you this car before, it’s a wild creation of HG Motorsports with a whole lot of parts from BBi Autosport. The goal with this project was to build a street-legal car that was as close as you could possibly get to a 911 GT3 Cup race car. The cup car comes from the factory with a motorsport VIN and can not be registered on the street legally, but if you want to feel that same level of aggression it is still possible by swapping a lot of those factory-built GT3 Cup cars onto a street GT3. A standard GT3 can probably be daily-driven if you’re masochist enough, but this car is really only for properly sadistic folks. 

The engine has received a mild tune, a full Acrapovic exhaust, and an IPD intake plenum to bump power up to about the same level as that found in a GT3 RS or perhaps a few more. The GT3 Cup car found in the racing series actually has slightly less power than this car does, due to the various rules and regulations of IMSA’s motorsport sanctioning. With the more open exhaust, the GT3 Street sure sounds a lot like a GT3 racing car, pumping up the volume a few decibels. 

The chassis has been seriously modified as well, fitted with a full bevvy of BBi-developed suspension components from their Street Cup kit. With full coilover suspension and solid aluminum suspension bushings, this car remains compliant while providing the level of grip the tires need to properly do their job. 

Is it daily-driver status? Well, if you can put up with a harness and a race seat and stiff suspension and tires that are useless in the rain and degrade down to nothing in 6000 miles, then yeah, you could daily drive it. We probably would. 

Or, as Matt Farah puts it, “Yo, this shit is boss as hell.”