Go Snow Drifting In A Porsche GT3 Cup Car With Timo Bernhard

Porsche's Winter Driving Experience Has A Factory Ace In Their Corner

Porsche’s Timo Bernhard can [and will] drive anything with four wheels and a Porsche badge, in any weather. Not only is he a good racing driver, having won Le Mans and the Nurburgring 24 among many other bullet points, but he’s a good teacher as well. Last year Porsche appointed him to a position within their driving experience program to help customers learn to drive their sports cars more effectively, and that partnership continues in the 2017 calendar year as well. It makes sense learning driving from someone who drives for a living. 

This promotional video is short and sweet and gets to the point, and it includes some sweet footage of Bernhard taking his GT3 Cup car out for a sprint in the snow. Running sideways through the white stuff is not the Cup car’s traditional backdrop, but we’ll be damned if that’s not also really great at it. The flat six-powered racer also cuts through the calm wintery scene like a sharp knife and makes for a really cool video clip. That’ll be running through our minds like a .gif on repeat tonight when we lay our heads down to sleep. It’s calming and exciting at the same time. 

We’ve run with Porsche’s winter driving school in Canada at Mecaglisse, and it sure is the most fun you can have in below-freezing temperatures. If you’re interested in checking one out yourself, or one of the dry-weather schools [where you can learn to drive a GT3 Cup car yourself], visit porschedriving.com