IMSA Race At Watkins Glen Sees Huge 9-Car Porsche GT3 Cup Crash, Four Hospitalized

All drivers involved appear to be conscious and mobile, but their cars aren’t so lucky.

byBradley Brownell|
IMSA photo


During today's GT3 Cup race at Watkins Glen, a massive crash occurred on the second lap that resulted in the race being abandoned altogether. With about half of the field involved in the incident, we're hardly surprised by that move. The crash initiated at the top of the esses in turn 4 when the cars placed 7th and 8th were fighting for position and innocently enough spun into the outside wall. Unfortunately, that was when all hell broke loose. The remainder of the field behind these two were coming up over the crest of the hill with the throttle flat to the floor not expecting to see two cars stationary on the road ahead of them. Even locking up the brakes wasn't enough to keep many cars from plowing headlong into the already stopped cars. As John Hindhaugh comments in the video below, this was the perfect storm of a hellacious crash, happening at the wrong part of the track. Most anywhere else, such a small incident would not have instigated such a detrimental end result. 

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Here is the official statement from IMSA: 


In the video above, we see Trenton Estep and Jeff Mosing out of their cars and standing. It looked to us like Mosing was receiving a neck brace, so that's not ideal, but we wish him a clean bill of health once he's been checked out. More information will be brought to you as the situation develops. We hope that Borgeat, and Tullman are all okay. Thanks due to Mike Juergens for bringing this to our attention. 

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