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Lamborghini Debuts New Clothing Line in Milan

Lamborghini showed off its fashion line at an event in Italy and its iconic supercars made an appearance.

Admittedly, most car people that we know aren’t big into fashion. It doesn’t help that car apparel isn’t generally fashionable to begin with, but wearing fancy clothes to a meet is pretty out of the ordinary. However, similarly to clothes, cars can often be used a fashion statement. Many car companies are breaking into the clothing business so they can put their brand on hats and cologne. Walk into a high-end car dealership and you’ll be greeted by entire walls of shirts with car badges on them. Lamborghini isn’t the newest supercar company to start selling threads, but it is definitely the most invested in it. The manufacturer debuted its latest clothing line on Saturday in Milan.

The Collezione Automobili Lamborghini RTW spring summer 2018 collection was presented at a special event at Milano Moda Uomo, in Tortona, Milan.  The clothing was designed with Lamborghini’s signature cars in mind, featuring styling cues pulled straight from the Huracan Performante—if you like hexagons, this line is for you. The collection features stylish polos, leather supercar jackets, coats, and more, which all integrate Lamborghini’s design elements.  

The event featured lots of great guests, and not just of the human variety. Lamborghini brought out the big guns to attract the crowds, displaying the iconic Muira SV, Aventador S, Huracan Performante, and Huracan Spyder. American fashion blogger Scott Schuman also attended the event, arriving in an Aventador Roadster that he drove all the way from Florence in.