Stolen Lamborghini Catches Fire During Police Chase in Dallas

A Lamborghini can definitely outrun a Crown Vic, but it can’t outrun the law. Or, apparently, conflagration.

byChris Constantine|
Stolen Lamborghini Catches Fire During Police Chase in Dallas

As far as getaway cars are concerned, a Lamborghini should be low on a criminal's list of ideal rides. Sure, Lambos might be fast, but even the lowly Huracan is a head-turner; criminals would have better luck stealing a bright-pink Ford Mustang than trying to stay out of sight in one of these supercars. Despite this, crooks are still nicking Lamborghinis by the dozens...and many of them are meeting similar fates. 

Our latest case in point: Two men stole one of the famous supercars from a hotel in Dallas, Texas on Sunday, according to authorities, only to be pursued by the police—and leading to a chase that ended not with a bang or whimper, but a spark. Prospective Lamborghini buyers be warned, your car might be hijacked by morons. 

According to NBC Dallas-Fort Worth, the two suspects allegedly assaulted a valet and stole a Lamborghini from the Omni Hotel in downtown Dallas on Sunday at roughly 8 o'clock in the morning A police helicopter observed the car an hour later driving on Interstate 45, at which point backup was called in and a short police chase ensued. The pursuit ended when the Lamborghini burst into flames and died on the interstate, at which point the suspects were then arrested. 

It's not certain what model the Lamborghini was, but we can guess from its fiery demise that it was probably an Aventador, known for its spontaneous combustion "feature." Hey, who knows—maybe the solution to this strange supercar theft trend is for Lamborghini to stop issuing the recalls.