7 Chevy Camaros Stolen In GM Factory Heist, 2 Cars Still at Large

Straight outta Need for Speed.

byJames Gilboy|
Twitter | @MSPFirstDist
Twitter | @MSPFirstDist.

Authorities have recovered multiple stolen Chevrolet Camaro ZL1s after the cars were stolen directly from a General Motors factory, and used to lead police on a high-speed chase that reportedly spanned multiple counties.

The Michigan State Police stated on Twitter that it was alerted at approximately 12:17 a.m. Monday to the theft of multiple vehicles from GM's factory in Lansing, Michigan where the Camaro is built. According to WLNS 6, they numbered seven in total, and were later identified to be mainly if not entirely Camaro ZL1s, the highest-performing trim of the pony car—short of the ZL1 1LE—as there won't be a Z28 this time around. The stolen vehicles were reportedly driven onto Interstate 96 eastbound, and by 1:00 a.m. were intercepted by police. Troopers reportedly attempted a traffic stop, but were unsuccessful, as the thieves accelerated, prompting a high-speed chase.

The subsequent chase was said by a local ABC affiliate to have crossed multiple counties and ended up involving three divisions of the MSP, the Livingston County Sheriff Department, Metroparks police, canine units, and even a helicopter. Their pursuit was complicated by the thieves splitting into two groups of two to four cars each, exiting the interstate at various points. Nevertheless, one of the group's joyrides were interrupted by the deployment of "Stop Stick" spike strips, which brought the Camaros to a halt, forcing the suspects to flee on foot. The second group reportedly split once more, with at least one of them being stopped and arrested as well.

In total, police have recovered five of the seven cars reportedly stolen, which carry an approximate combined value of $375,000. Nine men aged 20 to 24 have been arrested, and face charges of fleeing or eluding police, receiving or concealing a stolen vehicle, resisting or obstructing police, and conspiracy to commit a criminal act.

"We are cooperating with local law enforcement to recover stolen vehicles from GM's Lansing Grand River Assembly Plant," GM officials told a local NBC affiliate. "We'll be enhancing our security at the plant and surrounding parking lots."

GM's Lansing plant has reportedly been targeted by gangs of thieves before, with WLNS reporting on the theft of several unidentified vehicles from the facility two months ago. It is unclear at this time whether the thefts are connected.

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