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Vengeance Racing’s 1,100-HP Chevy Camaro ZL1 Sets a 9.5-Second Quarter Mile

It's apparently the quickest and fastest sixth-gen Camaro ZL1 to date.

The Vengeance Racing VR1100 is a 2017 Chevy Camaro ZL1 which, thanks to a Procharger F-1A-94 Supercharger among other things, produces a monstrous 1,100-horsepower—1,047 of which ends up at the rear wheels. 

Recently, the tuners from Georgia took their ‘roided-up Camaro to the drag strip to see what all of those numbers translate to on the blacktop. The result: an obscenely quick 9.58-second quarter mile at 152.97 miles per hour, making it the fastest and quickest sixth-generation Camaro ZL1 ever, according to Vengeance. And just to save you a Google search, yes, that is quicker and faster than the Dodge Challenger Demon’s official quarter mile ticket of 9.65 seconds at 140 MPH.

Vengeance says that their car had “another two to three-tenths” left to give, but ran out of time on the strip to prove it. Maybe next time, fellas. 

Producing 784 pound-feet of torque on C16 race fuel, the Vengeance Camaro is outfitted with the aforementioned supercharger, GM’s 10-speed automatic gearbox, Mickey Thompson drag radials, an LME billet intake manifold, a custom camshaft, in-house ported LT4 cylinder heads, two-inch long tube headers from Kooks Performance, an AlkyControl methanol injection system, a custom auxiliary fuel system, one-inch BMR lowering springs, and of course, Vengeance Racing engraved valve covers so the folks at the Cars & Coffees know what they’re looking at.