Marshawn Lynch Drives a Racecar for Facebook’s New Reality Series

Lynch drives a Camaro ZL1 with no regard for tire tread depth in Facebook’s new series No Script.

Marshawn Lynch Drives a Racecar for Facebook’s New Reality Series

For the first episode of Facebook's new reality series No Script, NFL star Marshawn Lynch visits Dream Racing in Las Vegas to drive a Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 racecar. 

Dream Racing is an exotic driving experience in Las Vegas allowing customers to get a chance to drive supercars and a few legitimate racecars on track. Customers can also be driven around for drift experiences. Lynch first gets in the Camaro ZL1 with professional racecar driver, Ale Bressan. Bressan shows off Dream Racing's drift experience and Lynch being his normal comical-self opens the passenger door while Bressan does donuts and figure eights.

Then it was Lynch's turn to drive the Camaro ZL1. He succeeds in laying down some smokey donuts and sets a goal to destroy the tires which he succeeds in doing. You can hear his instructor Bressan trying to get him to stop, but he blows the tires off. As Dream Racing Marketing Director Steve Jones says, he perhaps put his foot on the gas a little bit too long, longer than they would like. He is an NFL star filming a television show, so I think some leeway is given. 

Eventually Lynch and a friend are taken out in Camaro ZL1's for instructor hot laps allowing them to them to experience professionals thrashing the cars. Through all the oversteer induced corners Lynch streams with excitement.

This was not Lynch's first foray into the world of cars on television. Earlier this year, when he was retired from the NFL, Lynch visited the well known truck/fabrication shop DieselSellerz. DieselSellerz is the shop featured on the popular Discovery channel show Diesel Brothers. 

Check out the Facebook video below, but be warned there are some colorful words used by Lynch.