You Can Buy Your Own Chevy Camaro GT4.R Race Car for $259,000

That's about four times the cost of a new Camaro ZL1.

Chevrolet Camaro GT4.R
Richard Prince/

The Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE is probably still the ultimate Camaro, but it's no longer the most expensive. The Chevy Camaro GT4.R race car built by Pratt & Miller is now available to order for delivery in 2018, with a starting price of $259,000. For a bit more than a quarter-million dollars, you can get a new Camaro specifically for racing duty.

The Camaro GT4.R has a modified ZL1 body to optimize aerodynamics. Lightness is added via carbon fiber doors, front fascia, and an adjustable rear wing, with the car's minimum weight coming in at just 3,131 pounds. This 'Maro meets FIA safety regulations, and has a Schroth six-point safety harness for the driver.

Pratt & Miller

By looking at this car, you might assume it has a supercharged ZL1 engine—but it’s actually packing a naturally aspirated, race-tuned 6.2-liter LT1 V8 based on the engine found in the Camaro SS. In this application, the LT1 is good for 480 horsepower, which is 170 fewer horses than the supercharged LT4 in the ZL1. Mechanical mods in the GT4.R include a custom camshaft, a carbon fiber intake, an Xtrac Salisbury-type differential, and most notably, a Xtrac six-speed sequential transmission with paddle shifters. This race car also gets Brembo brakes and an Ohlins suspension.

So far, the Camaro GT4.R has been campaigned by two racing teams, and it’s been quite successful. While it’s great for doing what it’s built to do on the track, it wouldn’t make much sense for anybody other than a racing team to buy this. Unless you have a privateer team, we recommend spending about a quarter of the money and getting a more powerful, more street-friendly Camaro ZL1.

Pratt & Miller