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Watch a Tesla Model S P100D Whip a Modified Camaro ZL1 With a 10.7-Second Quarter-Mile

Even a completely stock Model S P100D, however, is only a tenth of a second behind.

By this point, we’re all pretty well acquainted with the accelerative prowess of Tesla’s top-tier Model S. Every new high-performance version of Elon Musk’s wünder-sedan redefines what the automotive world considers a quick luxury car—and the latest one, the Model S P100D, is no exception, capable of blasting from 0-60 in less than 2.3 seconds. And, as the folks at DragTimes discovered, it can also knock out a quarter-mile time that humbles most muscle cars: 10.723 seconds at 121.49 miles per hour

That drag time, set last Friday at the Palm Beach International Raceway, marks the fastest official quarter-mile time ever set by a Model S. The blue P100D did have a little bit of help in doing so, however; according to Teslarati, it was wearing wider tires than a regular Model S, and rocked a pair of lightweight TSW rims. That was enough to help it demolish a modified fifth-gen Chevy Camaro ZL1, which cooked off an 11.233 at 132.14 mph. (The stock fifth-gen ZL1, for what it’s worth, did a 12.3 @ 119 in Car and Driver testing.)

To see how that car compares to a stock model, the DragTimes crew also tested a fresh-off-the-showroom new Model S P100D (the white one in the video). In spite of its stock shoes and heavy options load—including the panoramic glass roof and seven-seat interior configuration—the factory-spec Tesla cooked off a 10.875 second quarter-mile blast at a trap speed of 121.45 mph.