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Listen to a Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Tuned to 750 Horsepower Crush the Dyno

Because Hellcat and Demon-hunting sounds like our kind of Halloween fun.

Not content to let the Dodge boys have all the fun with their Hellcats and Demons on the drag strip, Texan tuner John Hennessey has developed a three-tiered horsepower solution for the already-potentCamaro ZL1. The entry-level package seen here ramps power up to a more-than-respectable 750 horsepower; Stage 2 bumps that up to 850, and Stage 3 produces a tire-roasting 1,000 horsepower.

The 750-horsepower Camaro seen on this video should have more than enough oomph to wipe the floor with just about anything it comes across on the strip, muscle car or otherwise, but with the ZL1’s road-course handling prowess it can also slay opponents on the twisties. By all means, Hennessy has effectively turned the Camaro into a true beast.

Of course, this ZL1 is a mere teaser, as what we’re really excited about is the 1,000-horsepower Stage 3 variant that comes with another 250 horses (that’s a whopping 350 more than stock) and a name to match: The Exorcist. It’s clearly a tongue-in-cheek dig at Dodge’s Demon. More importantly, our very own Will Sabel Courtney recently had a go in the possessed Chevy.

If you send your Camaro off to Texas to get its degree in demonology, the car you get back will be vastly different. Hennessey’s “The Exorcist” package completely replaces the engine’s top end with in-house components from ported cylinder heads, camshafts, to the supercharger unit itself. Naturally, there’s also a custom software tune to match. 

While Demon owners are struggling to achieve the as-tested 9.65second quarter mile time, the Exorcist easily undercuts it at 9.57 seconds.