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Hertz Will Rent You a 750-HP Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Tuned by NASCAR’s Hendrick Motorsports

There's also a more affordable variant that pumps out "just" 480 horsepower.

Come October, Hertz locations in America’s most popular travel destinations will offer a roster of modified 2020 Chevrolet Camaro SS variants tuned by NASCAR team Hendrick Motorsports. Two models will be available, a 750-horsepower unit and a “less scary” 480-horsepower.

Two dozen Hertz-Hendrick Motorsports Camaro ZL1s fitted with Callaway superchargers will be roasting tires from Florida to California. Not on the same day, of course. And if you’re wondering about how much this will set you back, Hertz will limit daily mileage on these cars to just 75, with a $0.75 fee for every mile beyond that. Considering they’ll cost $299 for a 24-hour period, taking one for an extra-long drive is a good way to rack up the kind of bill you only see at a Las Vegas club, which is also one of the destinations where you can rent one of these.

Hertz Camaro ZL1, Matthew T. Thacker

If the Hendrick ZL1 ends up overbooked, you’re under the age of 25, or you can’t justify spending that kind of money on a rental car, there’s still a hoot of an alternative. For $99 a day can get you one of 200 Hendrick-retuned Camaro SS models modified with cold-air intakes and cat-back exhausts to raise their horsepower to 480. These don’t have the ZL1’s mileage restriction either, so you can drive yours as far as you want—possibly even home—because Hertz is also hosting a giveaway to win one of these cars.

Matthew T. Thacker

Called the Hertz Ultimate Ride Sweepstakes, the rental company will draw five names from a digital hat and send the owners of those five names to North Carolina for a tour of Hendrick Motorsports’s HQ. Then, it’ll take them to Charlotte Motor Speedway for a driving experience and a lunch with the team. At the end of the day, all five attendees will be handed a key to the Camaro, but only one will start it, and that person will get to drive this exotic yellow-on-black Camaro SS home.