This Tesla P100D Was Customized Even Before Leaving the Factory

Customizer T-Sportline downgraded certain P100D features that were just going to be replaced anyway.

byJustin Hughes|
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It's one thing to immediately remove a set of factory wheels from a new car to replace them with aftermarket ones more to your liking. At least you can sell the factory equipment to recoup part of the cost of the replacement. But more invasive changes, such as putting a true leather interior into a Tesla Model S P100D that isn't available with one, is a more tricky proposition. But customizer T-Sportline will work with future Tesla owners to help customize their cars even before they buy them.

T-Sportline recently completed Project Malibu, a brand new Model S P100D featuring custom wheels, exterior trim, and a complete leather interior. The customer approached T-Sportline before actually buying the car to design its future look in advance. As a result, T-Sportline was able to recommend specific option and feature changes when ordering the donor car to save a few bucks on equipment that was just going to be discarded during the customization process.


Being the top-of-the-line Model S, most P100Ds roll out of the factory with 21-inch Sonic Carbon Twin Turbine wheels; however, this owner had already decided he prefers T-Sportline's TS118 forged wheels. At T-Sportline's suggestion, when ordering the car the owner opted for the basic 19-inch silver wheels that are standard equipment among lesser Model S versions. This saved about $4,500 on the optional wheels that weren't going to be used. This savings more than covered the cost of the $3,900 Gloss Carbon Fiber Sport Package.


Tesla does not offer a true leather interior, so people who want genuine cowhide must look to other sources. Rather than the synthetic leather that's standard equipment for the P100D, the car was special-ordered with an entry-level dark ash cloth interior. This was promptly removed and replaced with a premium genuine leather interior, including reupholstered door panels and even the third-row jump seats.


Clearly builds such as these have a high price tag and are not for everybody. But for the customer who knows what they want and goes in with a plan, it's possible to make smart choices in the car they buy to save some money on components they won't use that can be put toward making the car what they truly want.

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