Lamborghini CEO Talks About Job Opportunities and Innovation at Stanford

Chairman of Lamborghini gives a speech to a bunch of college students and staff about the changing auto industry.

Chairman and CEO of Lamborghini Stefanio Domenicali talked to a group of 300 people at Stanford today about the future of the automotive industry and how car enthusiasts are changing the way car companies are operating. Stanford is no stranger to the car obsession; the event was held at CARS, the Center for Automotive Research at Stanford, where the west coast’s smartest car nerds are helping to improve the auto industry.

Domenicali didn’t talk for the whole time though; other speakers included two accomplished mechanical engineering professors, the executive director of CARS Stephen Zoepf, and the Italian ambassador Armando Varicchio. Lamborghini hopes this discussion will open doors for more innovation in the industry and attract more members of the younger generation to the field of automotive development. 

Domenicali’s speech was full of information about inevitable challenges that the industry will face soon, and suggested some methods for overcoming those bumps in the road. He thinks that the most effective path is through a combination of innovation and technology. The Italian super car boss touched on the proliferation of electric power that has taken the auto industry by force, improving not just fuel economy but performance too.

He emphasized Lamborghini’s desire to partner with other organizations who wished to see creative change in the car industry. To start this, Lamborghini unveiled its internship program for this year; Stanford students who are pursuing degrees in automotive development and research will have the option to work with Lamborghini in Italy. This will hopefully stimulate creative ideas and new directions for the company and industry as a whole, and will definitely be a good thing for these Stanford students to put on their resumes.