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Ride Onboard Ruben Zeltner’s 911 GT3 Rally Car

Ruben Zeltner Amazes Behind The Wheel Of This Tarmac Rally Porsche Special

This video depicting the husband and wife team of Ruben and Petra Zeltner raging through the forested hillsides of the Thüringen Rallye is one for the ages. A wonderful combination of speed, masterful driving, and that unmistakable Porsche sound makes for a wonderful way to spend eight minutes this morning. This particular tarmac stage is unique in that it features long sweeping curves and massively fast straightaways, as well as tight mountain roads and sharp hairpins. Ruben likely needed all of his skills with him during this sprint, but managed to keep the shiny side pointed up and all four wheels on the road. 

Even if you don’t understand any German, you’ll likely have an appreciation for Petra’s soothing tones coming over the radio. She keeps her cool even under the most strenuous of right seat duties. I don’t believe my wife would be half as comfortable if I were driving even half as fast as this, and that is a testament more to Petra’s bravery and trust in Ruben’s abilities, or perhaps her trust in their rollcage builder, than it is to anything else. When you get your cup of coffee poured this morning, sit down and kick back for a few minutes, tune out the rest of the world, and tune in to this magnificent display of human and Porsche ability. It’ll wake you up, that’s for sure