Take A Lap Around Porsche’s Test Track In Weissach

Every Porsche, whether race car or road car, runs its first tests on this track

From the “North Bend” through the “Kramer Curve” and surviving “CanAm”, this is a lap of the track that Porsche has used to test essentially every car carrying their badge for decades. This track is a part of history. Legendary racing driver Mark Donohue even tested the 16-cylinder 917 on this track. Porsche tests the fortitude of each of its cars by flinging them through this wall-lined technical circuit with the most competent drivers onboard. It’s a short lap, but it’s one that has helped produce some of the best chassis engineering to ever leave any factory. With just 1.55 miles to wring the problems out of a car, the driver and car are both pushed to their breaking point.

The circuit is right next to Porsche’s racing workshop facility for obvious reasons. When a car on the test track does something they don’t want it to do, the engineers can quickly and easily remedy the problem by wheeling it over to the workshop, affecting repairs, and immediately turning it around for another lap. With data analysis and driver feedback, the team can make each Porsche perform exactly as it should in varying dynamic circumstances. While the circuit is not open to mere mortals, you can get a feel for the circuit with this POV video. Strap yourself to the front bumper of whatever Porsche you imagine this might be and hang on, it’s a fast one. 

The video is hosted on Porsche’s own integrated video player, so to view it you’ll have to click here. Have fun.