Rumor Claims 2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS Lapped the Nurburgring in 6:49

Porsche may be about to return the Green Hell crown to Stuttgart.

After having the production car Nurburgring record stolen by Lamborghini back in March, Porsche has been on the hunt to reclaim the title. The German marque’s fresh-off-the-presses 911 GT2 RS was recently spotted lapping the legendary track looking blisteringly quick—and as it turns out, it could be the fastest Porsche ever around the ‘Ring. Not only that, it’s said to have set an even quicker time than the dastardly Huracan Perfomante: 6 minutes, 48.75 seconds.

According to a report from

Auto Evolution, the range-topping GT2 RS’s time was revealed by Edo Karabegovic, owner of popular German tuner Edo Performance. The reveal was made in a Facebook post that included a teaser of the car’s potentially record setting lap at the Nordschleife.

Although this time hasn’t been confirmed by Porsche, the automaker did tip off that the car could break the even-minute barrier. Test driver and former F1 star Mark Webber leaked near the GT2’s reveal that it hit 208 miles per hour on the Nurburgring, which is a higher top speed than the Lamborghini Huracan Performante ever reached during its 6:52 lap.

The 700-horsepower rear-drive hero will undoubtedly be the quickest 911 around a track—and that’s really saying something, given its company. Its GT3 RS stablemate, powered by a 500-horsepower naturally-aspirated flat-six, was able to set a 7:12 lap time around the Green Hell, so we can only imagine what the GT2 will do with an extra 200 hp and significantly less weight.

Until an official lap time is released, however, everyone will continue to speculate whether or not Porsche can beat Lamborghini’s blistering time at the ‘Ring. Keep in mind that the Stuttgart brand’s former record holder, the 918 Spyder, cost north of $1 million. The 911 GT2 RS, though not cheap, costs far less than half of that; it comes in at about $300,000.