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Porsche 911 SC/RS Delivers Unmuffled Flat Six Glory

This very rare vintage rally Porsche puts on a show

All Porsche fanatics know about Porsche’s “RennSport” line of cars, familiar surely with the 1973 Carrera RS 2.7, or the modern 911 GT3 RS models. It takes an above average Porsche fanatic to even have heard of Porsche’s wild 1980s Rennsport “911 SC/RS” model. Only twenty of these were actually built for the 1984 racing season, and they were intended almost exclusively to compete in the Group B rally segment, primarily on tarmac-centered rally stages, though the rear-engine layout proved to provide excellent traction for dirt stage rallies as well. The high output naturally aspirated 3.0 liter produced an indicated 250 horsepower, up from the standard SC’s 204, and like the engine, basically every piece of the car was upgraded for competition purposes. 

This video is perhaps less educational than it could be and more exhibitional in nature. But that’s alright with us, because the flat six positively sings its way through the rev range. With spinning tires and a maniacally operated steering wheel, this car dances on the throttle and the brake and the steering like it was designed and optimized for this kind of driving. Probably because it was. The basic SC/RS used a 911 Turbo chassis and suspension fitted with lightweight body panels and lexan “glass” everywhere but the windshield. The suspension was given helper springs to aid the torsion bars, and 18mm sway bars were added at either end. Five of the SC/RS were shipped off to Prodrive (yes, that Prodrive) to be further prepared to take on the world of rally. We don’t know for sure that this is one of the original Prodrive cars, but it certainly could be. 

Now that you know a little more about this car, it will help you enjoy the shrill yalp of the engine’s straight pipe-exhaust.