Is A Second-Hand Porsche 911R Worth The Exorbitant Pricetag?

Doug DeMuro walks through all of the things that make the 911R special, then breaks down why it isn’t worth paying so much for.

byBradley Brownell|
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At this point it's no surprise that the 911R is a good Porsche. It's possibly one of the greatest 911s ever built, and Doug's take on it in the video is that it is his favorite 911 ever built. That said, he also says that there is no way this car is worth the half-million dollar price tag that they're commanding on the second hand market. It was probably worth the MSRP of around $180,000, but the fact that the price has ballooned since Porsche sold them all out has Doug feeling a little strange about the situation. For half a million dollars, you can buy a lot faster cars, a lot fancier cars, or a lot more exciting cars. This 911R is built out of many of the same components you could find in a $90,000 base model Carrera 2, so why is this one miraculously valued at five times that price?

While we've railed against the 911R in the past, we are forced to concede that it's got all of the trappings of a great 911. We still really don't like the name, R a stand in for Rennen and all. This car was not homologated for racing in any series, and exactly zero of these cars will ever see formal competition. We'd be surprised to see one even participate in a track day. That said, as the concept of a pure drivers car, the 911R seems to deliver well. We're less confident in the car's ability to hold its value than Doug is, however. If you have a 911R and you want to make a mint, get selling yours now. 

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