Porsche 911 Carrera 991.2 Sport Exhaust Comparison

Is PSE worth buying as an option on your new 911?

It’s no secret that Porsche’s Sport Exhaust facilitates phenomenal sounds from the back of a modern Porsche, but when it comes to your own hard-earned cash, is it worth the $3000 outlay to tick that box on the order form? This video helps you to understand exactly what the differences are between the exhaust notes before you sign the paperwork. If you’re having a hard time choosing, maybe this sound comparison will be the thing that helps tip your hand one way or another. Or, maybe it’s just a short video with some Porsche exhaust sounds in it that you can watch to entertain yourself for a bit. 

In the video Nick Murray makes it a point that this is a comparison on equal footing, making sure his camera wouldn’t compensate for any exhaust recording being louder. To give these cars a baseline to compare against, Nick begins with a 3-liter Lexus as a palate cleanser. Next, he moves on to his own 991.2 Carrera 4S without PSE which sounds much better than the Lex. Nick has a friend with a car that is almost exactly the same as his own Carrera 4S, only with the PSE option. For this car he does the start-and-rev test twice; once in normal mode and once with the exhaust button illuminated. Then he goes for a drive in the PSE equipped car to give an inside experience. It’s a very thorough test.  

You can see on the back of both cars that the exhaust outlets are different. With the non-PSE system, the outlets sit farther apart and have a quartet of tips while the PSE pares that down to a pair of tips more centrally located on the rear of the car. Which do you really prefer?