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A Porsche 911R Aftermarket Exhaust Faceoff!

Two 911R exhausts enter, only one can be crowned champion. So is it Sharkwerks or GMG?

Only 991 of Porsche’s super 911 were built, and each of them was already spoken for well before production ended. Many of these cars will be entered into hermetically sealed storage containers with single-digit mileage on the odometer. But for some owners, the ones who are truly enthusiastic about the car and Porsche as a brand, these cars will actually be driven, definitely on the street, perhaps on the track. With a 6-speed manual gearbox, a 4-liter flat six engine that loves to rev, and a beautifully driver-oriented cabin, the 911R gets a lot of praise as a true driver’s Porsche. For those owners who do take their cars for the occasional drive, some of them are looking for just a bit more from the car’s exhaust. This engine is essentially the same one found in Porsche’s GT3 RS, which was absolutely the loudest and shrillest car I’ve ever driven, so I’m not sure I follow their logic, but I understand the desire for customization. Applause to them regardless. 

If you’re looking for a louder and more characterful exhaust note from your 911R, there are a few different places to turn to. A few weeks ago, Sharkwerks started installing some of their stainless exhaust center sections on some customer 911Rs, and even shipped a couple to the UK. Just this week, a new competitor entered the ring, as GMG Racing installed one of their similar exhausts on a local customer’s 911R. Below you can see both exhausts in action with a cold-start and a couple rev ups. Which do you like better?