Porsche GT Boss Bemoans 911 R Purchases As Investments

Andreas Preuninger wants you to buy Porsche GT cars to use—not be used to rake in some profit.

Whenever a limited edition Porsche is announced, buyers far and wide line up at the chance to own one, and it was no different when the 911 R was released last year. Since production was capped at 991 models—991 to represent its chassis code—Porsche was careful to select to whom these cars went, 918 Spyder owners being at the top of the list apparently. 

But because of the limited production number, many prospective buyers were rightfully miffed when they couldn’t get their hands on one—both buyers intending to actually drive them and buyers who were solely focused on treating their purchase as an investment alike.

Turns out that the head of Porsche’s GT department, Andreas Preuninger—responsible for the GT3, GT3 RS, Cayman GT4, and other classic Porsche hits—frankly doesn’t give a shit if you’re upset that you didn’t get a 911 R if you were planning on hoarding it for investment purposes. 

In an interview with UK-based Pistonheads, Preuninger said, “We are not a hedge fund. We are a company that produces cars, we live because we sell cars and we have to make a profit to go on. So we cannot offer cars with a built-in promise to keep value for a small amount of chosen people, this wouldn’t be fair.”

Though we’ve seen 911 Rs being driven the way they should—hard and purposefully—the value of the limited-run car is reaching absurd levels. Just last week, for example, a 911 R just sold at RM Sotheby’s for more than half a million dollars, with tons more examples reaching similar prices. 

Sure, there’s a case to be made about keeping a car as valuable as this garaged and kept out of harm’s way, but what’s the point? Even Porsche’s GT boss wants you to drive them, so just do it.