Why Do We Love the Porsche 911 So Damn Much?

This week on AFTER/DRIVE: Rob Dickinson from Singer Vehicle Design talks honest design and Neun Elf perfection.

The air-cooled Porsche 911 wasn’t some south-European filly. It was a mass-produced product, designed for simplicity and factory-built with the occasional compromise. That’s not to say the 911 wasn’t a sports car of quality, but its relative quantity kept it accessible to multiple generations of fans, who, for Camry money, can still enjoy one of the most expressive driving experiences ever devised.

And yet, the water-pump-free 911 has inspired all the adoration of a wall-poster supercar. It’s become a canvas on which Porsche fans have applied their own interpretations of Porscheness. At the apex of fandom is Rob Dickinson, whose company Singer Vehicle Design is now synonymous with the hyper-restoration of Porsche 911s using ultra-high-quality fittings. In essence, Rob and his staff have reconsidered that mass-produced sports car as the exotic it was born to be.

This week on AFTER/DRIVE, we finally get Rob on the show to talk about his own love affair with the 911, and how it’s transcended its factory roots to become a beloved piece of design, and a hugely sought-after collector car.