This Old Porsche 911T Is A Minimalist Dream Car

Why suffer through vintage Italian car ownership when you can have a pair of faultless Porsches?

byBradley Brownell|
Porsche News photo

There are many kinds of vintage Porsche 911 owners; people who buy them for their unique aesthetics, people who prefer their giant-killer performance attributes, people who simply grew up loving them. The one thing that ties them all together, however, is their pragmatism. The owner of this gorgeous tangerine dream is happy to admit that he is a reformed Italian car owner, having sold one finicky pasta racer for a pair of Teutons. These two long-hood 911s share the ability to crank right to life every time, where the Italian could not. That's what makes this the right car for this owner. 

The car wasn't perfect when he bought it, either. Back then it needed some bodywork down one whole side of the car. It also needed a dashboard and some other myriad bits to get it looking like it does today. As any of us with a vintage car know, you're never really "done" getting a car to exactly the way you want it. There will always be something else that needs addressing. For example, my 1976 Porsche 912E recently developed an exhaust leak. Oh, and the driver's door handle no longer opens the door. Maybe this is a bad example...

This little video from Petrolicious is pretty interesting, as it throws us into the mind of the Porsche owner. This guy is a little above the rest of us as he's planning to run his vintage 911 in the Peking To Paris rally in just over a year. That road rally is something like 10,000 miles of driving across China across Russia, and across Eastern Europe to get to Paris. Does that sound like your idea of fun? You might get along with this adventurous Porsche owner.