Watch Walter Rohrl Take The New GT2 RS Up The Hill At Goodwood From Inside The Car

No terrible attempt at a donut, just pure, clean, unadulterated speed.

byBradley Brownell|
Watch Walter Rohrl Take The New GT2 RS Up The Hill At Goodwood From Inside The Car


Are we tired of GT2 RS content yet? There's been a lot of it over the last few weeks, but we're still interested in how this car will play out when it arrives later this year. From the looks of this onboard footage, it's going to be wickedly fast, and probably capable of some serious lap times when in the hands of a capable driver. Are you good enough to wring the last few tenths of a second out of Porsche's mega 911? You've got to have at least as much talent as Walter does, and that isn't likely. We know we don't, but that doesn't mean we won't give it a shot. 

Walter is an incredibly talented driver, and has won more races than any of us could ever dream to participate in. Even at his heightened age, he's still intensely competitive. If you look closely at the very start of the video, you'll see him click the timer function of his wrist watch at the very beginning of the lap, and then again as he crosses the finish line of the hillclimb. It's about 57 seconds from the start of the climb until he passes under the gantry at the finish line. A wickedly quick time, especially considering he's driving a street-legal brand new production car. 

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The new GT2 RS is likely as fast around a track in street configuration as many of Porsche's dedicated racing cars from days gone by. If there were a 24 hour race between a new GT2 RS and Walter's Le Mans class-winning 944 LM, which would you bet on?