The 911 GT2 RS Configurator Is Live, How Would You Build Yours?

We specified one up to almost $357,000 price tag with a massive $62,610 in options.

byBradley Brownell|
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There are not a lot of options for Porsche's new GT2 RS, which officially launched just earlier today in the UK. Now that Porsche has made it official, they have also given the car it's own special configurator, which is always a blast to play with, right? Though they had already given us the starting MSRP of the car, and the extra cost for the Weissach package, we now know exactly how expensive you can make one without resorting to truly custom options, like Paint to Sample. Here, we'll go through each of the available options, and discuss which ones are absolutely imperative to purchase for the RS buyer. This is a dedicated track car, so does it really make sense to order yours with heated seats? Even though it's a no-cost option, if you opt for the smoker's package, you're foolish. So lets get into it. 

To Weissach or not to Weissach? - 

It's an expensive option, the Weissach package. If you're going to take your GT2 RS to the track, however, it may be worth it. 25 pounds of unsprung weight is worth a lot on track, especially if you are talented enough to actually get the most out of a GT2 RS on a track. The carbon roof drops a few pounds from the very top of the car. If you buy the Weissach pack, but you don't opt for the zero-cost air conditioner delete, you might be a poseur. If you're never taking your GT2 RS to the track, don't bother spending the extra $31,000 for the option.  

Color - 


Porsche offers eight colors, four standard colors at no extra cost, and four "special colors" that will run you $4,220. Frankly, if you order your GT2 RS in white, black, Guards Red, or Speed Yellow, you're boring. GT Silver Metallic is pretty, but it's also sort of boring, so that leaves "Chalk", Lava Orange, and Miami Blue. Of those, we'd pick Chalk, but once Porsche approves this car for Paint to Sample, there are dozens of excellent options. 

Exterior -

You can also order your LED headlamp assemblies in black at no-charge, and we've always like the way that looks. Additionally, the lower section of the exterior mirrors looks better when painted in gloss black. If the mirror caps were painted, we'd stick with the lower trim painted as well, but the gloss black works better with a carbon mirror cap. 

Interior - 


If you don't want the standard carbon buckets, you can opt for a regular 18-way adjustable, in case you're hardcore, but you're not that hardcore. The standard color palate includes a red/black/carbon combination, but to our eye, the Chalk exterior works best with a black/carbon/silver combination. Alcantara and leather look best in dark colors, and we opted for the deviated stitching in 'platinum grey'. That interior combination is a whopping $3,480, but it looks damn good. We really like the look of Porsche's aluminum pedal covers and dead pedal, but is it worth the $630? Maybe. 

We'd prefer not to talk about the collectibility of certain options, or debate the merits of fully optioning a car to help your resale value in a couple of years. We truly hope that every GT2 RS buyer options it the way they want the car, and then thrashes the hell out of it on track. 

Click here to build your own, and let us know what options you picked in the comments below.  

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