Amazing Things Happen When Porsches Take Over Spa Francorchamps

A Porsche-only track day at Spa draws huge crowds and amazing cars

byBradley Brownell|
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Most of the Porsches on track for this event are modern track specials with a GT in front of a number. GT3s, both RS and non, as well as GT4s are more than welcome at Porsche Days, and we're happy to see and hear them in these videos as well. Spa is an amazing track, and the opportunity to drive it flat out in your Porsche track car is one not to be taken lightly. For decades this track in Belgium has inspired enthusiasts and ignited passions. Our biggest hope for this event is that some folks brought their children and ignited that spark for future generations. 

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Based solely on these two videos, the event appears to have attracted hundreds of Porsches, including most of them that didn't even take to the track, like the pair of Carrera GTs in the garages. We would have loved the opportunity to hear those glorious V10s roaring around the spectacular track, but knowing how much of a handful that car is we understand the desire to keep them off the circuit. The celebrity of the show has to be the Kremer-built 935-bodied 997 GT3, which is just the kind of wild weird that the Germans at Kremer are best at.   

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Given the opportunity to take our own Porsche to any track in the world, we'd likely choose Spa for its combination of high-speed straights and low-speed corners, not to mention the nutty commitment required to properly navigate Eau Rouge and radiillon. The elevation changes are spectacular, the surrounding forest is a great backdrop, and it has all of that history. Not just history, but Porsche history. Porsche's ground-pounding 917 made its competition debut at this track back in 1969. There is this challenge to the circuit, it begs you to try to beat it. Goodness, how we want to try. 

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