How Porsche Does Employee Appreciation Day

From providing kinder care for the children of Porsche employees to recognizing this guy for his 50th year (sort of), this video is all kinds of awesome.

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From plant security to catering staff, Porsche takes this 3-minute-and-10-second opportunity to thank all of their many employees for their time aboard the company roster. Not many companies would care to do anything like this, but Porsche apparently appreciates their staff and the sacrifices they make to help Porsche in their growth efforts. Porsche's primary goal is to sell cars, but it would seem that they remain pretty loyal to their staff, perhaps as loyal as their staffers are to Porsche. Take this little trip through Porsche's facilities from the point of view of one of their most highly lauded employees. 

From the morning commute in a vintage aircooled 911 Targa the guy behind the camera goes straight to the design department where work is still underway on the upcoming Mission E (or at least it was for the purposes of this video). Did you know that Mission E had a gesture control center console screen? Well, now you do, because Porsche wanted to show you that bit. From there, the video moves on to the Weissach test track, including a bit of viewing those laps in virtual reality. Then it's time for lunch. 

After lunch, the protagonist of the video does a walk-through of the production facility, looking at some operating robots and checking out some freshly painted sports cars. Some folks in the production facility are pretty enthusiastic to see our main character here. Porsche then wants to promote the fact that they have a kinder care facility for the children of employees. That's a hell of a perk, right? 

Ah, we were walking in the footsteps of Jeff Salut in his 50th year with the company. Can you imagine that, he began working at Porsche when the very first of the 911S models were being introduced in 1967. That's a long time to dedicate yourself to just one company, but when that company is Porsche, it's understandable. 

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