Real-Life ‘Sally Carerra’ Porsche 911 from Pixar’s ‘Cars’ Will Sell for Charity

Custom paint, interior, and one of the coolest sets of wheels I’ve ever seen on a 992.

byVictoria Scott|
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Porsche is building a custom one-off 911 Carrera GTS intended to pay tribute to the character Sally Carrera from Pixar's Cars. (She's the blue Porsche/vehicular attorney-at-law in the movies if you need a refresher.) The finished project will be auctioned off for charity by RM Sotheby's after the car is exhibited at Monterey Car Week on Aug. 15-20.

The base car is a mechanically stock, fully loaded seven-speed manual Porsche 911 Carrera GTS, but it's been personalized by Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur in the company's Zuffenhausen factory (which is responsible for all the gorgeous paint-to-sample Porsches), a team of Pixar staff, and Porsche's style division based at the Weissach, Germany facility. The car comes in a new custom color called Sally Blue Metallic, a paint hue based on the character's appearance in the Cars movies. The custom paint also extends to the lower fascia in the front and rear in lieu of the typical black. The special edition also receives Cars badging on the B-pillars and embossing on the door panels, a plaque proclaiming it as 1 of 1 on the dash, as well as custom Cars tire valve caps. The lucky winner of the Sally Special also gets a custom Porsche Design watch to match the Chalk and Speed Blue-themed interior, if you need to flex your 1-of-1 Porsche when it's not at hand.

On a more adorable note, Sally's pinstriping "tattoo" is replicated on the Sally Special under the rear active-aero wing, and the Sport button has been labeled Kachow Mode. These images feel shockingly whimsical for Porsche, but I welcome it—the company fully committed to the bit with this one-off.

Most interestingly, though, are these wheels. The set is a super-sized version of the five-spoke fan-blade style wheels that came stock on the 996 Carerra in 2002 (the year Sally was... born? manufactured?), but these are 100% exclusive to this special edition. (Porsche says they "are only intended to be fitted to this one car," so don't expect to see them in a parts catalog any time soon.) The buyer will actually get two sets of 20- and 21-inch five-spokes, so if they're so inclined as to track their auction win, they can keep one set minty fresh. I cannot tell you how much I am in love with seeing these early 2000s-style wheels sitting on a modern Porsche—I'm simply bummed I'll never get the chance to see them in the real world.

The auction will be held Aug. 20, and all proceeds will benefit Girls Inc. and the USA for UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency.

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