The Lightest Porsche 911 Ever Is Full Of Holes

They're speed holes. They make the car go faster.

If you have trypophobia—a fear of holes—you probably want to look away now. Porsche connoisseur Richard King was determined to make his 1968 Porsche 911 the lightest 911 of all time and he’s doing it in a rather extreme way. 

Let’s just say that there are holes. Lots and lots of holes. 

Karmann Konnection

King owns Karmann Konnection, the Porsche shop that’s been posting updates on his “Lightest 911 Ever” project. It’s safe to say he knows these cars inside and out, which must be why he undertook such an extreme weight-reduction project, where the goal is to make it down to 595 kilograms, or just over 1,300 pounds total. 

If there’s a lighter 911 out there, I haven’t seen it.

Almost no part of this 911 was left stock, with the most obvious difference being the fact that this car looks like Swiss cheese under the skin. Even the bell housing for the transmission features well-placed holes to remove additional heft. These aren’t just the “speed holes” your buddy blew in his hood when his engine grenaded, either, they’re precision-drilled, carefully planned holes. 

If you’re wondering about the structural integrity of these parts, congratulations—you’re not alone. The dashboard looks more like lace now, the ultra-light 10.5-lb seat has padding peeking through more holes, and the starter motor sort of looks like a golf ball at one end until you realize that those are just large conical holes drilled into the end. Heck, the frunk is lined with little round holes; the wipers; the pedals; the emergency brake; suspension components; everything! Holes!

Fortunately, King is welding some tabs back in certain areas to shore up the structural rigidity of what’s left. When adding holes wasn’t possible, King still used as many lightweight components as possible. The beautiful backdated exterior bodywork is all fiberglass. Hoses and other components were weighed and swapped out for lighter weight versions. There’s even a custom aluminum mount for the engine.

To say that King has an obsession with all things lightweight is an understatement here.

Follow Karmann Konnection’s updates on the build on Instagram here because it’s an absolute delight. What other builder posts videos of them listening to The Carpenters to unwind before wrenching?

Karmann Konnection
Karmann Konnection
Karmann Konnection
Karmann Konnection

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