Marines in Porsches Getting Coffee

A serviceman is opening the first vintage Porsche-themed coffee shop. The artwork he’s commissioning for the walls is incredible.

byDavid Traver Adolphus| PUBLISHED Nov 24, 2015 11:20 PM
Marines in Porsches Getting Coffee

If you’ve spent the last decade obsessed with Porsche 356s, and have a burning desire to share both cars and coffee with the the world, you’re either Jerry Seinfeld or Nico Samaras. Seinfeld’s time is accounted for, but Samaris is just warming up.

A former Marine machine gunner and hand-to-hand combat instructor with the rank of Sergeant, Samaris has a BFA from the University of San Francisco and, yes, he’s obsessed with the air-cooled, four-cylinder Porsche 356. Putting all those pieces together, he’s opening Fourtillfour Coffee (four till four, get it?) in the Whitehouse Salon building in downtown Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s “the first 356 Porsche inspired coffee shop.” Also maybe the first coffee shop that will never, ever be robbed. Semper Fi!


And for the walls, Samaras has commissioned two pieces of original artwork from South African watercolorist Claudia Liebenberg, the Artist Better Known As Claude. Her work is beautiful, and a big portion of it involves engines, like the incredible four-cam engine and 356 profiles she’s done for Fourtillfour. She’s obviously in love with motorcycles, too, as her portfolio shows.

With Claude’s artwork on the walls, Fourtillfour like another reason to call Scottsdale one of America’s vintage car hot-spots.