Five Porsche Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow Right Now

Instagram is probably my favorite of the social media. A picture is worth a thousand words.

byBradley Brownell|
Porsche News photo

Instagram and Porsches pair quite well. We love how our cars are shaped, and we enjoy it when others enjoy our cars. Of course we're going to take lots of pictures of them and broadcast them for the whole world to see. There are some folks who are much better at it than others, however. People who have an above average eye for what it takes to make a photograph instead of a snapshot. There is art and talent and years of experience among some of these accounts. I follow about 1000 different accounts, so there are a lot more to follow if you're so inclined, and this might just become a recurring column with more installments in the future. For now, click through and investigate the following five accounts, because they all include some amazing photos. 

Kevin is an acquaintance of mine, happy to call him a friend, and I am always blown away by the stuff that comes from his iPhone. While the photography he produces with a *real* camera is stellar, he uses Instagram as a canvas to experiment with lighting, angle, and color. The result is a series of mind-blowingly awesome shots that change how you view the curves of a car. While he does photograph more than just Porsches (his recent work with Lincoln was phenomenal), he is a Porsche owner and enthusiast, and he gravitates toward the brand. 

Michael Alan Ross (MAR) is another great account to follow for Porsche fans. This is another case where it is more than just Porsche content filling out his pages, but MAR has been known to shoot some brillaint cover photos for the PCA's Panorama magazine, and that's as good a reason as any. 

Four till four is a coffee shop in Scottsdale, Arizona, and the folks that run the place are top notch Porsche nuts. Four minutes until four is 3:56, after all. The instagram account associated with the business follows the antics of this scrappy mismatched 356 B Coupe, and everything about it is great. Not every photo posted is theirs, as they do occasionally post vintage photos from rallies and whatnot. It's a great one to follow for inspiration to get out and go on an adventure, though. 

The DWA crew is one of the greatest groups of car enthusiasts out there. This group of friends started a LeMons team together years ago, and are now involved in a successful automotive podcast. They also host events, like their annual "Coastal Range Rally" going on soon, which looks to be a blast. This instagram is actually presided over by each of the members of the podcast, so you get several different photographic styles in one account, covering a number of different subjects. Good stuff, for sure. 

Obviously this wouldn't be much of a list without Jeff Zwart. If you're not already following him on instagram, you might have to think twice about your status as a Porsche fan. Zwart takes better photos with his iPhone than I do with a DSLR. And besides, he's one of the nicest guys in the industry. 

Not to put myself into any kind of comparison with the other five, I'm also including my own instagram below. I wouldn't say my photos are great, or even good, but I try to be entertaining. Anyway, I'm @TurbOHBrad.