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This $6M Koenigsegg is the World’s Most Expensive Development Mule

Meet the One:1 that spawned them all.

London-based exotic car dealer SuperVettura is offering one lucky buyer the opportunity to own a face-melting Koenigsegg One:1. That’s a big deal, considering only six examples of the self-proclaimed “megacar” have been delivered to customers. SuperVettura’s asking price? Try $6 million. The twist: This isn’t a regular production One:1, but the lone developmental mule that Koenigsegg built for testing.

You’ve seen the car offered for sale, No. 00, before. It was the one on Koenigsegg’s show stand when the One:1 made its global debut back in March, 2014, at the Geneva Motor Show. It’s also the car responsible for establishing the One:1’s world records, including clocking a 0-186-0 mph run in 17.9 seconds, and lap times at Suzuka and Spa Francorchamps.

And it managed all that while out of fighting shape; No. 00 is actually about 110 pounds heavier than the six production One:1’s produced. That’s due to a different carbon fiber used for its tub, an optional roll cage, and exhaust tips made of aluminum rather than titanium.

So this test car has seen its fair share of use, logging more than 60,000 hard miles to prove its mettle. Luckily for the buyer, it’ll undergo an extensive factory refresh before the sale, and will be ready for delivery before next month.