This Singer Modified 911 Features All Wheel Drive And A Roof Rack

When you need the ultimate in cool, and you occasionally like to go skiing, you take the Singer.

byApr 11, 2017 4:05 PM
This Singer Modified 911 Features All Wheel Drive And A Roof Rack

Singer Vehicle Design works glorious magic on already amazing Porsche 911s. They're beautifully hand-crafted, they're dynamically engaging, and they combine modern-ish Porsche parts with a vintage-ish Porsche visual aesthetic. It might just be the perfect aircooled

This video is several minutes too short to properly soak in all of the details, but we'll take whatever we can get. Brit GQ says Porsche's 911 is the coolest car ever built, and that Singer modifies them to be even cooler than Porsche originally built them. This car lives in the Italian Dolomites and is frequently used for trips up the mountain range for skiing, hence the ski rack on the roof. It takes a special kind of car enthusiast to want to drive their Singer-fettled Porsche up into the snowy mountains, but with Porsche's famed all-wheel-drive system and a decent set of winter tires, the car is certainly more than capable of such shenanigans. It is based on a 964 after all, what's the harm in making one from an AWD-equipped 964? 

What do you think, would you be adventurous enough to jump into the driver's seat of this car and take it for a snowy mountain run to the ski slopes? It'd be pretty cool if you did.