This 911 V8 Swap Is A Deathwish On Wheels

If at thirty you shove an iron block V8 in the back of a 911, you won’t make it to forty.

byBradley Brownell|
This 911 V8 Swap Is A Deathwish On Wheels

One industrious Arizonian has crafted himself what might be the greatest car in the world, if your idea of great car involves sliding backwards, on fire, upside down, through the pearly gates. For some reason, they've decided to sell the car. Maybe they're scared of their own creation? The car in question is a 1985 Porsche 911 Targa that has been fitted with a Small Block Chevrolet V8 engine producing an alleged 385 horsepower, and adding a few pounds out back behind the axles. If that level of masochism sounds like your cup of tea, you can see the listing here and contact the buyer yourself. The asking price of this rolling redneck assisted suicide is a low, low, $30,000. 

In order to properly outfit the car for off-road duties, this Porsche has received a set of Fox racing rear coilovers. As there is no Fox fitment for a Porsche, I'd really love to see the fabrication involved in this add on. There is also a knockoff set of Fuchs wheels fitted with "off road tires" on the rear. There's a shoddily crafted roll cage inside, and a very cheap "racing" seat. In order to handle all of that power, the transmission has been "beefed" with "boxter" parts. I'm not sure which Boxster 01E transaxle components fit inside a 915 gearbox, but I am already skeptical. Additionally, the car has heavy duty rear axles and "HUGE aftermarket brakes". 964 bumpers front and rear, plus a far-too-large set of rear flares really round out the package. 

Safety third. 

For more information and photos, visit Flagstaff Craigslist or BringATrailer