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Would You Drive A Honda-Powered 911?

This vintage 911 lost its aircooled and is now powered by a turbocharged Acura RSX engine.

Every once in a while you see something unique and interesting that you just can’t get out of your head. There are likely to be a lot of Porsche enthusiasts angered by this car, but if you look at the reality of the situation, it actually starts to make sense. This car, before it came into its current state, was a Renegade Hybrids V8 swap car, but these folks decided to make it something a little weirder. This time, instead of putting a big iron V8 in the back, they went with a smaller, lighter, higher-revving, turbocharged Honda K20A2. This car has been kicking around the internet for about a year, but this is a nice opportunity to get up close and personal with it. 

A Honda-powered 911 might ignite your rage deep inside, but it’s a super reliable, ultra potent combination that makes this 911 much faster than it would have been from the factory, and certainly faster even than the V8 swap that was in the car before. Instead of sitting in the back room of someone’s garage waiting for another V8 or a restoration back to non-numbers matching stock, this car is done, on the road, running, driving, providing smiles. That’s the kind of Porsche enthusiasm that we support. This car, the fact that it’s stupidly fast, and better balanced than it was stock, is more in line with what Dr. Porsche would have wanted to see done to his cars than the entire field full of PCA concours competitors. 

Try thinking outside the Porsche box every now and again. The Porsche community really disliked “outlaws” when they were a new thing, but look where they stand these days. This is no different.