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What Engine Would You Swap Into A Porsche Cayman?

Engine swaps are a big part of bench racing discussions among Porsche enthusiasts. If it were your project, what engine would you use?

There are a few things that come into play regarding this question, and it is a common one asked among mid-engine Porsche enthusiasts. We’re always looking for more power, as Porsche has always left some power on the table where the 98X cars are concerned. A few years back we drove a 987 Cayman with a GM LS7 engine swapped in the back from Renegade Hybrids that was an absolute joy. More recently, there has been videos and discussion surrounding the Ford Coyote V8 swapped 987 Cayman from Limitless Motorworks. Other shops are sticking with a more pure Porsche formula, using larger engines from Carreras to swap into the middle of a Cayman (or Boxster), bumping power but sticking with that flat-six character.

So, given the choice, which option do you go with? Do you want the torque and throaty sound of an American-made big-displacement V8, or would you prefer the silky revs of something like a 3.8-liter direct-injection Carrera S engine powering your imaginary Cayman? Early M96-powered 987 Caymans are trading hands for as low as $17,000 these days, and finding one with a blown engine for significantly less would simply be a matter of waiting for the right one. That’s the ultimate question here, what to do with a cheap Porsche that has all of the makings of a big-power performer. The rest of the car, the chassis, the brakes, the steering, are near perfect. It just needs a little more power to be one of the best cars on the planet. Pick your poison.  

Bradley Brownell