Watch This Aircooled Porsche 911 Hustle a 997 GT3 RS Around The Nürburgring

Here’s proof that the “talented driver” mod is the ultimate advantage.

byCaleb Jacobs|
Porsche News photo

We've long known that just because you have a fast car doesn't mean you're a fast driver. The driver has as much to do with the success of cars in races and motorsport as the machine, and this is a clear example of that. This video combines all the bits we love—an aircooled 911, a track-proven Porsche, and the iconic Nürburgring Nordschleife. The in-car video is courtesy of a 993 Carrera 4S, one of the most coveted of all 911s. You can see him hunt down a newer 997 GT3 through the Green Hell, making it a old-versus-new battle, and one that's more entertaining than most.

This stripped-down 993 features everything essentially Porsche. It's gentleman-racer demeanor intertwines perfectly with the brash growl of the flat-six, making it a total package for enthusiasts. It starts out far behind the 997, with the newer car barely in view of the camera. Later, it chases it down and tracks it from apex to apex with the pilot sawing back and forth. There's plenty of fancy footwork here, too, as you can see him nail the heel-toe downshifts without batting an eye.

Aside from the age gap, the 993 should theoretically be at a huge disadvantage. It rides on Federal street tires while the GT3 is reportedly on Michelin semi-slicks, making for a significant grip mismatch. Modifications for the older 911 are unspecified, but it seems to retain most of the original equipment aside from shedding unneeded interior bits and perhaps an upgraded suspension. 

In the comments of this video, you can see a conversation that is presumably between the drivers of both cars. The 997 driver congratulates the 993 owner, showing good sportsmanship in a certainly tough situation. He goes on to applaud him for his outright crazy driving on the track, showing his recognition of the other's skill.