Naked Jaguar D-type is the Best Jaguar D-type

Drink in the details.

byMax Prince|
Jaguar News photo


Nick Mason called the Jaguar D-type “the most beautiful sports racing car ever built.” Nick Mason, of course, is the drummer for Pink Floyd, a noted automotive fetishist who drives real Bugattis from the Twenties and sometimes street-parks his Ferrari GTO racecar. Which is all to say, the man’s got taste. And we’re of the same mind when it comes to Jaguar’s fifties Le Mans hero.

Here’s the thing though: I’ve never seen a D-type de-liveried, unpainted. A few heritage photos of the prototype testing, sure, but not the finished product. Not all its perfections, the dorsal fin and fender strap and hand rivets, in detail. Well, not until now.


Ink, a U.K. design shop, calls this “plainbody.” It’s the D-type at its rawest, its most elemental. No meatballs. No vinyl. Just a flawless rendering of its streamlined body, bare and white, set on stark a white backdrop, present only to be objectified. It is shameless car porn of the highest degree. I absolutely love it.


If the Porsche 917 is more your speed, Ink’s got a plainbody one of those, too. Prints of the D-type can be had here for $60. Both are highly recommended.

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