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Hear the New 4-Cylinder 2018 Jaguar F-Type Now

The 4-pot F-Type appears to have succeeded where the Porsche 718 failed.

Last week, we reported Jaguar’s announcement that they would be bringing a new, entry-level, turbocharged four-cylinder engine to the F-Type lineup. I expressed concern over whether a four-pot engine would still be able to retain one of the F-Type’s strongest unique selling propositions: the noise. A less desirable engine note was an oft-criticized aspect of Porsche’s updated 718 Boxster and Cayman—cars in a similar performance and price bracket as the F-Type was also downsized to four cylinders. 

Have Jaguar managed to build a small-engined sports car that still sounds like a sports car? Well, now you can judge for yourself as Jaguar has released a video that includes a good, albeit short, soundbite of the new turbocharged F-Type’s exhaust. Skip to 0:50 for the good stuff.

And it sounds… actually pretty good, for a four cylinder. Decently mean and crackly, it’s obviously not as sonorous as its V6 brethren and not nearly as ferociously snarly as the full-fat V8, but what did you really expect?

Jaguar not only touts the car’s increased fuel efficiency, but it being the lightest F-Type ever. With the majority of the weight reduction due to that downsized engine, most of the weight loss was done over the front axle, leading to better weight distribution, greater dynamic agility, and more responsive steering—all departments the F-Type has historically trailed its Porsche rivals in. 

The new, EcoBoost F-Type hits dealerships this spring and should start at $59,900.