2024 F-Type ZP Edition Is Jaguar’s Last Gasoline-Powered Sports Car

The ZP special edition calls back to some of the very first E-Types ever built.

byPeter Holderith|
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Jaguar has a long history of building combustion-engined sports cars stretching back before World War II. Like so many other automakers, though, the company plans to completely fill its lineup with electric vehicles in the not-too-distant future. That means the venerable F-Type, in production since 2013, is on the chopping block. It's getting one more special edition before it's gone for good.

It's called the F-Type ZP Edition, and just 150 are being built for the 2024 model year. The ZP name is derived from the very expensive factory-restored E-Types Jaguar builds, which are meant to resemble two of the original cars lightly modified to go racing. The F-Type interpretation of these cars is similar aesthetically, featuring the same colors and decals as the ZPs do. You can compare them for yourself below.

The 575 horsepower, all-wheel-drive, supercharged V8 sports cars are being produced under the supervision of Jaguar's in-house customization experts, SV Bespoke. The two exterior colors available are Oulton Blue Gloss and Crystal Grey Gloss. The blue spec comes with a Mars Red and Ebony duotone leather interior, while the grey car is only available with Navy Blue and Ebony. Both cars feature white-painted racing roundels and grille surrounds, and coupe and convertible versions will both be offered.


The sudden onset of electrification has caught a lot of automakers ending production of sports cars and other less popular models like sedans, although the F-Type has been in production for some time. Jaguar has stated its new EVs will be unique in the industry, but whether they will be able to compete with the slew of electric competition emerging from every corner of the globe has yet to be seen. The company's I-Pace electric SUV, although a relatively early entrant in the market, has struggled to sell in large volumes. With the F-Type put out to pasture, its next chapter is wide open.

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