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Report: Jaguar Preparing Mid-Engined, Hybrid Supercar for 2022

Jaguar could reportedly call the vehicle the 'J-Type,' and even make an all-electric version.

Jaguar is reportedly preparing the F-Type’s successor—a mid-engined hybrid halo car—for launch in 2022.

The Jaguar J-Type (as Auto Express reports it could be called) may be a throwback to the British automaker’s only previous mid-engined production car, the XJ220, though it may more closely resemble, both stylistically and technologically, its canceled C-X75 hypercar concept from earlier this decade. Jaguar’s alleged target: the current Acura NSX.

Reportedly, the J-Type will use all-wheel-drive hybrid power with an electric motor on its front and rear axles. Its claimed introductory window of 2022 means that this vehicle would, at a minimum, be hybridized, according to Jaguar-Land Rover’s own statement that all its vehicles in 2020 and beyond will be electrified in some way. If previous reports of JLR’s plan to eliminate V8s from its lineup are true, the J-Type’s internal combustion engine might even be an electrically-turbocharged inline- or V6. That’s if the car even comes with a gasoline engine, as an all-electric version of the J-Type is also reportedly in the cards.

Coincidentally, the head of JLR’s Special Vehicle Operations John Edwards stated in June of 2017 that SVO is interested in producing its own halo car, though Auto Express made no connection between SVO and this project. Given the alleged J-Type’s status as a Jaguar halo car, it seems almost inevitable that SVO will have a hands-on role in its supposed development. This could be the ideal opportunity for Jamal Hameedi, who was recently poached from Ford Performance, to cast the same magic as he did on the Shelby GT350R, F-150 Raptor and both Ford GTs—this time on a Jaguar hybrid supercar. We can’t wait to see what he and his team come up with.

The Drive did reach out to JLR for additional information on the alleged J-Type, but the automaker declined to comment.