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Honda Civic Type R Breaks FWD Production Car Record at Silverstone

The big-winged Civic lapped Silverstone's GP circuit in 2:31.32, the fastest time ever for a front-drive production car.

After snapping up similar records at the Nürburgring, Spa, and Magny-Cours, the Honda Civic Type R is now officially the fastest front-wheel-drive production car to lap Silverstone, making its way around the 3.66-mile U.K. Grand Prix circuit in just 2:31.32. 

The hot Honda hatch was piloted by three-time British Touring Car champ Matt Neal, who praised the car’s aerodynamics, suspension, and resulting ability to blast through Silverstone’s high-speed bends. “Where I found the real advantage of the Type R was really in the high-speed corners—the stability which is a combination of the aero and the new advanced suspension system,” said Neal. “Into corners like Copse and Stowe at the end of the Hangar straight, you can carry big entry speed with supreme confidence.” 

Neal and I can talk and write about the lap ’til our lips and fingers turn blue but I think it’s better if you guys just saw it for yourselves. Check it out:

Honda says its mission for front-drive lap-time supremacy isn’t finished yet. The company will take the Type R to two more undisclosed race tracks with F1 world champion and long-time Honda-head Jenson Button as well as World Touring Car driver Tiago Monteiro. 

Any wagers as to exactly where in Europe the big-winged Civic will attempt to break records next? Assuming Honda is aiming to snag a record in every major European country, Italy, Spain, and Portugal remain unexplored and are all likely destinations. Our money’s on Monza in Italy and Spain’s Circuit de Catalunya.

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