Honda Creates Civic Type R-Inspired Lawn Mower, Lets The Haters Hate

Insert “Hondas are lawn mowers” joke here.

byChris Tsui|
Honda News photo

Good news for VTEC enthusiasts who also like to keep their lawns tidy, Honda has come out with a special edition of their Miimo robotic lawn mower—and before you comedians, memesters, and Honda-haters ask, it ain't this

It does, however, look a heck of a lot like the new Civic Type R. The aptly named Miimo Type R sports the firm's signature Championship White paint, the new CTR's front and rear fascias shrunken and grafted on, red Honda badges, a massive carbon-wrapped spoiler, stainless steel triple-exit "exhaust" tips, and even faker grilles than the ones found on the real Type R. Its Nurburgring time is yet to be determined.

Honda Europe says that the Miimo Type R was made to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Type R brand—the first ever Honda to wear red badges was the 1992 NSX R—but we can't help but suspect that this is a slightly tongue-in-cheek nod to the brand's detractors who have made a hobby out of hilariously confusing one of their cars with lawn maintenance equipment. 

Sort of like an outdoor Roomba, the Honda Miimo autonomously grooms your grass using onboard sensors and wire that can be installed either above or below the ground. In the event that the Miimo gets stolen, an alarm will be triggered and power will be cut, only able to be restarted with a user-specific passcode. 

The original, non-Type R Miimo boasts five cutting modes: Random, Directional, Mixed, Spiral, and Edge. Whether or not the Miimo Type R inherits the new Civic's "+R" mode remains to be seen.