Porsche Wants Half of Its Cars to Be Electric by 2023, CEO Says

Brace yourself for an anschluss of electric Porsches.

byWill Sabel Courtney| UPDATED Jun 27, 2017 11:01 AM
Porsche Wants Half of Its Cars to Be Electric by 2023, CEO Says

The Mission E is just the start of the mission. By 2023, Porsche wants as many as half of the new cars rolling off its assembly lines to be electric vehicles, according to CEO Oliver Blume. But don't worry, Porschephiles—the core of the electric anschluss seems likely to avoid the company's sports car models

Blume mentioned Porsche's wide-ranging electric car plans in a recent issue of German business magazine Manager Magazin, where he broke down the company's general roadmap for its battery-powered future. A year or two after the launch of the hotly-anticipated Mission E performance sedan in 2019, Blume said the carmaker would bring an electric crossover coupe to market—no surprise, as spy pictures and rumors of just such a car have made the rounds of the Internet on occasion in the last few years. Both of those vehicles will reportedly be built at the company's new Zuffenhausen electric car production facility, which is capable of churning out around 60,000 vehicles per year. (Previously, Porsche has said it expects to sell around 20,000 Mission Es a year, giving it plenty of assembly line capacity for a high-end electric SUV.)

The biggest change to the Porsche lineup will come around the year 2022, Blume said, when Porsche is expected to launch the next-generation Macan crossover. That SUV, he told the magazine, may be offered solely as an electric vehicle. Assuming the carmaker continues to crank out the Macan in the sort of numbers it has so far—it's Porsche's best-seller, with close to 100,000 copies sold last year—transforming it into an EV would go a long way towards helping the company reach the 50-percent-electric-car goal. Assuming, of course, that some of those current Macan buyers don't ditch the model when it goes all Tesla.