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New Porsche Taycan Configurator Is Like a Game You Can Spend Hours On

Don't have any plans for this weekend? You're welcome.
blue car 3/4 front view

The 2025 Porsche Taycan is the recipient of a mild facelift and power boost for the new year. Offered as a sports sedan or a long-roof Cross Turismo, the Taycan is customizable in what seems like a million ways, from the exterior finish to the seats to the audio system and on and on. As a result, it’s easy to spend endless hours tinkering with the always-great Porsche configurator.

Ultimately, I chose to spec out a 2025 Taycan 4S Cross Turismo in all its wagon-ish glory. I opted for the mid-range model boasting 590 horsepower versus going full Monty with the range-topping 938 horsepower version.

car interior with mountains through windshield

Delivery? Why yes, I do want to pick up my custom Taycan from the Porsche Experience Center. The options are Los Angeles or Atlanta, and I’d choose Atlanta because I lived there for 10 years and I’m overdue for some biscuits and cheese grits. While I’m picking up my car, I’ll get a tour of the Porsche Experience Center facility, have lunch overlooking the track, and avail myself of a 90-minute track session in an equivalent car with an instructor. Sure, it’s an extra $2,000, but that’s VIP service, baby.

This model starts at $127,195, but all in, my ideal Taycan with all the trimmings would set me back $207,175.

Just for fun, I configured another one (because it’s impossible to get out of this rabbit hole once you head in). This one is a Taycan Turbo S sedan with all 938 horsepower, starting at $210,995. Finished in Lava Orange, you’re going to need sunglasses to watch me roll by. The 21-inch Mission E wheels ($700) are unusual, which is why I like them, and a leather-free Race-Tex Interior with black-and-white checked seat centers. I’d swap out the adaptive sport seats for comfort seats with massage for $1,810, and thermally insulated glass for another $1,130. By the time I was tired of clicking options and saved my creation, I was up to $250,000 and change.

rear view of green/blue car

As I built each Taycan, Porsche assured me with words like “your dream becomes reality” and I indeed had a dreamy look in my eyes. Alas, it is (for now) a dream. But someday, oh yes: you will be mine.

I played with a few other colors and configurations—because why not? These may seem a little far-out, but then again, the Taycan is super sleek and it looks great in nearly every color under the sun.

So, what does your Taycan look like?

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