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The Porsche Taycan Just Smoked the Tesla Model S Plaid’s Nurburgring EV Lap Record

Porsche's newest EV bested Tesla's spiciest by a staggering 17.68 seconds.

Porsche is wasting no time in 2024, ringing in the new year with a new Nürburgring lap record. A “Pre-Series” Porsche Taycan set a lap time of 7:07.55 around the Nürburgring, eclipsing the 7:33 set by a Taycan Turbo S in 2022. More importantly for an automaker who loves bragging rights, however, the new lap time obliterates the Tesla Model S Plaid’s record of 7:25.23. That’s a difference of 17.68 seconds.

Porsche development driver Lars Kern was charged with wheeling the secretive EV around the Green Hell. Kern has previously helped the automaker set several lap records, though this most recent one shows how good he really is, coming close to the 7:05.29 set by the Rimac Nevera hypercar.

Little is known about this pre-series Taycan, though it’s evident that the ultra-high-performance EV is undergoing a rigorous development program. In fact, all that’s known about it is that it’s set this scorching time around the ‘Ring. The Turbo S model from Porsche’s record in 2022 produced 750 hp, leading us to believe that this new model is closer to the 1,000-hp mark.

We’ll likely learn more about the car around March of this year, when Porsche said it would release a full video of the record-setting lap.

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